Truth About Tooth Decay And Tips To Take Care Teeth Health

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Knowing Tooth Decay:

“Tooth decay, also known as dental cavities, or dental caries, is a disease that is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.” Michael C. Alfano, Dean of the New York University College of Dentistry. As warned by the World Health Organization, tooth decay is one of the most common health problems in the industrialized and developing world. About 90% People in the United States have at least one recess. Children and the elderly are the two most vulnerable groups. In the case of children, this usually happens when sweets, such as sweets, often remain on the teeth. In the mouth are bacteria that live on the plate (a sticky, whitish film made of our saliva) that turns sugar into acids. These acids dissolve the protective layer of the tooth, also called glaze. Excessive destruction of the outer surface of the tooth removes the tooth.


Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth enamel, the hard, outer layer of your teeth. Loss of a tooth is the destruction of the enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth. This can be a problem for children, adolescents, and adults. Stick, the sticky bacterial film constantly forms on the teeth. When eating or drinking food with sugar, the bacteria in the teeth containers produce acids that affect the tooth enamel. Flattened adhesion does not allow contact of these acids with gums and can be destroyed over time. Then openings may appear. Spaces are more common in children, but age-related changes also cause problems in adult cavities. After removing the tooth from the tooth with an increased frequency of gum disease, the roots of the teeth may appear on the plate. The roots of the teeth are covered with cement, the fabric is softer than the glaze. They tend to rot and are more sensitive to touch, hot and cold. It often happens that people over 50 years have tooth failures.

Reducing Tooth Erosion

The first step in preventing tooth erosion is knowing and understanding that some foods and drinks may have high levels of acidity and tooth erosion. For example, there are citrus fruits, some fruit juices, and even non-alcoholic beverages. After exposing your teeth to these acids, it is important to wash your mouth well with water. This helps to neutralize the existing acid. After about an hour after rinsing, tear the teeth off to remove residual acid. It protects the enamel from damage. If you can apply tooth enamel, you will never need professional teeth whitening. A soft toothbrush is important when taking care of your teeth. You should also use toothpaste with a low level of fluoride and mouthwash. It is important to know that fluoride and antibacterial stomachs should not be used consistently for a long time. The reason is that these products contribute to changing the color of your teeth. Of course, if stains appear, they should be removed from professional teeth. However, with moderate use, they can effectively combat tooth erosion. If you think that your teeth can be supplemented with teeth whitening, it is always better to choose a whitening remedy at home. It offers comfort, efficiency, and toothpaste at an affordable price!

Function of Dentistry

Very little should be a priority because it offers many benefits. The advantage is that you can have a grateful smile. You can also use many options, for example. Hosting and participation in meetings. If you have good teeth, you’ll also increase your self-confidence and get more friends. Teeth were taught by our parents as children. Among other things, they are prepared for regular cleaning of teeth. Regular peeling ensures that your teeth are not cracked.

Scintillation is not enough, however, because only three-fifths of the mouth are cleansed. Gum gums can fade along the gum line and between the teeth. You can also use a rinse aid for thorough cleaning. In addition to the above stages of good teeth, you can also eat healthy food. Eating raw foods such as apples and strawberries can neutralize acid in the mouth due to high water levels. Fiber-rich foods such as celery, legumes, cherries, and strawberries can massage the gums and brush your teeth. Citrus fruit containing high levels of vitamin C may also be beneficial, but because it is acid, rinse your mouth after a meal.

Eat for Your Teeth

You can brush your teeth with special brushes or a toothbrush according to a special recipe. Many consumers choose these cheaper forms for teeth whitening. Others may choose to brush teeth at the dentist, while others still choose real bleaching enamel in a real ‘extreme’ makeup style. But how do these products work in the teeth whitening process? Does the whitening agent actually do more than coffee and tea stain on enamel? This article explains which substances can cause teeth coloration as well as various whitening methods.


 Popular Teeth Whitening Options

By using either strip soaked in a special solution or by brushing your teeth with a special formula, you can whiten your teeth. Many consumers are opting for these less expensive forms of teeth whitening. Others may choose to have their teeth bleached by a dentist, while still, some go for a full veneer set of teeth whitening in true “extreme makeover” fashion. But how do these teeth whitening products work? And do over the counter teeth whitening products really remove more than coffee and tea stains to the enamel? This article will take a look what substances can cause discoloration of the teeth as well as the various methods used to whiten the teeth.

Discoloration of the Teeth

I have already mentioned some of the materials that contribute to enamel changes or gloss, such as coffee and tea. There are more posts on this issue. Some other staining factors include tobacco consumption, non-alcoholic caffeinated beverages, tooth injuries, antibiotic-related color changes, tetracycline, and aging.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

Teeth whitening is recommended for use in smaller places such as coffee and tea. However, they are very cheap for people who have already done professional dental care and want to maintain their results. These toothpastes consist of a light solution of hydrogen peroxide and soda.


Teeth Whitening and Home Bleaching Kits

You can buy home bleaching kits in the pharmacy. They consist of a mouthpiece and a gel solution. Let your teeth immerse in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Although these reports were successful, the American Dental Association did not fully support them. If you choose a home bleaching kit, follow the instructions and do not use more than recommended. Another type of teeth whitening system gelatin/gel is the type of prescription. Yes, your dentist can whiten your teeth at home. It is cheaper than the OEM because the dentist can follow you and make sure that the kit does not affect any of your previous dental procedures.

Teeth Whitening and Power Bleaching

The fading of power is related to the amount of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient that ensures the functioning of the teeth whitening system. For example, toothless toothpaste contains less than one percent hydrogen peroxide, and some of the newer products contain 10% hydrogen peroxide. Some bleaching sets contain 10-16% hydrogen peroxide and up to 35% hydrogen peroxide in a bleaching solution. This procedure takes place in a dental office and consists of a highly concentrated solution of peroxide and bright light. The results are impressive and will last several years. If you are interested in whitening meals, ask your dentist for recommendations.


Veneers are a very popular way of constant lighting. Veneers are actually made of porcelain and attached to a tooth. But it can be a costly process that costs up to 900 USD for one tooth. Regardless of the tooth whitening method chosen, always consult your dentist before choosing products and using all products according to their instructions.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Spinning and dental nematodes and healthy food are not the only things you can do for healthy and strong teeth. Read on to learn how to fight dental problems such as a toothache. As the words show, tooth decay is the destruction of teeth. This problem is caused by bacterial colonies that live on the surface of the teeth and are connected to plates with similar films (plates). If you do not remove these tiles with a brush, the enamel may be abraded. The first indication is to reduce the intake of the primary root cause. Sugar and starch affect teeth. When mixed with a shallow enzyme called amylase, it forms an acid that damages the enamel. If the enamel is damaged, the teeth tend to crack. Starch-rich products also prolong the acid in the mouth. If you like sweets, you should choose natural sweets, such as fruit. Apples, strawberries, and cherries are not only health but also teeth. They have a lot of water that cleanses the lips. Pear vegetables can also massage gums and brush your teeth. Boiled vegetables may not work because they are soft. Alcohol and poor nutrition may contribute to gum disease. Rubber disease can also affect people with poor oral hygiene

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is now clearly represented. Everyone wants to wear a nice smile. One of the most effective ways to laugh is to paste and exit. It is a non-invasive method used to repair broken teeth using an artificial mold. The dentist applies the method of direct treatment for addiction. First of all, the impression is created in a removable form. He hardens and rebuilds his teeth. The indirect method is used when the dentist experiences an impression on the broken part and goes to the laboratory to create a new partial crown. During this time, the patient receives a removable filler. If the patient is encouraged to undergo indirect regeneration, the dentist can arrange two or three visits. During the first visit, he will remove the accumulation and create an impression. It will also provide a removable filler. During the second visit, he completes the procedure by cementing the partial crown in his mouth. A third visit may not be required if the form is suitable for teeth.


Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Treatment

  • Cosmetic dentistry is an advanced form of traditional dentistry. Although a traditional dentist can cure a painful tooth, a cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance of the teeth and restore the original glow and whiteness.
  • Cosmetic dentistry improves the general personality of the person. Not everyone is born with wonderful-looking teeth. Broken teeth, esophagus, irregular shapes are common problems that can damage a physical person.
  • If your teeth are yellow or colored, contact a cosmetic dentist with tea, coffee or smoking. He will use teeth whitening, effective cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening and brushing.
  • Cosmetic dentistry deals with various dental problems. From smoothing teeth to removing stains and reducing teeth between teeth, you can treat any dental problem that can be treated.
  • Cosmetic dentistry promises long-term results. Although a local dentist can provide a temporary dental problem, he is not a dentist for cosmetics. This will ensure that you will be free from the problem of teeth that may interfere for a long time.


It may happen that you need time for dentures. This may be due to slowing down weight loss or it may be necessary to remove something if you do not have adequate dental care recently. There are different types of prostheses and choices. Some people want a bridge if only one or two teeth are missing, others are not worried until they need more space. Implants are becoming more and more popular because they provide a stable foundation. The implant is a screw that is surgically placed in the jaw to provide a prosthesis. If you are looking for a good odontologist, it is important to talk with friends. Your personal interest in patients and their state of health is a positive sign, but knowing that your friends have had positive experiences is also a positive sign. The prices must be comparable with other regional offices. You do not want an office that can withstand unnecessary treatments or excessive general anesthesia. Before the first cleaning, many offices offer an informal meeting for patients and dentists to get to know each other. Now you can check if the person is a contract and what you can expect. Do not be afraid of visiting the dentist because preventive measures and good connections can be a pleasant experience.


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