Tips For You To Attain A Good And Regular Sleep At Night

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Sleep and a direct impact on the physical and mental health and quality of life of their Waking. Too short, so I need a serious loss of power, performance, emotional balance and body weight during the day. However, many of our regular cast and turn that we need at night, difficulty in sleeping. There is a solution. Application simple, but significant changes to procedures and habits before you go to sleep during the day, a significant impact on how you sleep, so you feel the energy, Sharp mentally, emotionally balanced and full throughout the day.

Regular sleep


Try you can, at the same time, to go every night to bed and getting up at the same time every morning. It helps the body to the rhythm of healthy sleep. Interfere with this schema can cause insomnia. “Ausschlafen” weekend also makes it difficult for him to wake up in the morning, as it again sleeps cycles, later awakening. “Do not DOZE during the 8 hours of sleep.

 The exercise.


For maximum health benefits and good sleep, join yoga and meditation classes as they will help you feel relaxed and calm.
Try the 20-30 minutes a day. Daily exercise often helps people sleep, although workouts can quickly disrupt before bedtime with sleep. The maximum benefit from your workout, try the 5-6 hours before going to bed. Run over two hours before bedtime.

Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.


Avoid drinks with caffeine, it acts as a stimulant and wakes up people. Sources of caffeine are coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, tea, herbs, diet drugs, and some painkillers. Smokers tend to be very easy to fall asleep and often wake up in the morning early withdrawal from nicotine. Alcohol takes people into deep sleep and REM sleep and keeps them a lighter phase of sleep. At least 6-8 hours before bedtime to avoid all these things, if you want a good night’s sleep. In addition, try to eat in order to avoid any kind of a big meal, two hours before bedtime.

Whether the ritual before bed to relax.


The heat bath, reading or any other relax, you can usually find it easier to sleep. , Where activity a relaxing sleep, that they tie up your good night ritual.

Pull out the rays.


If possible use the Sun or very bright light in the morning to wake up. Sunlight helps the body that the body clock reset each day. Experts recommend Sun hours of sleep, the following problems were sleep tomorrow.

Do not place the bed asleep.


If you do not have to sleep, is not only a bed. To hear something else, such as reading, watching TV or music, as long as you feel tired. Can’t sleep for fear that it can actually help with insomnia. Starting to go to bed when you feel sleepy, try to avoid sleeping in places other than my bed.

Check the environment and temperature.

Support a pleasant temperature in the bedroom. Temperature extremes can interfere with sleep or to prevent you from falling asleep. In order to ensure the environment dark and quiet, if possible. Try to avoid to go with the TV or radio, sleep, because it’s a bad habit that you need, TV or radio shows every time you try and sleep.

Your bedroom dark full.


Recent studies have shown that dark in the bedroom every night will help you sleep better and better. Studies have shown that even small things such as the clock light up or carried out by another device in your bedroom may reduce the quality of your sleep.

Get, comfortable bed, mattress, and pillows


Some people wonder why it is always better to sleep in a hotel. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, and the quality of the bed seems to go to sleep. Study on a new mattress for 28 days in the show, cut the back 57%, 60% of arm pain, and 59% with back stiffness. Improves the quality of sleep 60%.

The best mattress and bed linen is very subjective. We have one for updates bedding, according to personal preferences.
It is recommended that you update your bedding at least once 5 to 8 years. If mattress or bedding for a few years still can not change it, it can be very quickly-although it may your bedtime to fix, mattress and pillows can strongly affect the quality of sleep and joints or back pain. High-quality mattress and bed linen every year to buy 5-8 a try.

Do not drink liquids before bedtime


Soaking is a medical term for excessive urination at night. This affects the quality of sleep and everyday energy driving. Drinking a large number of fluids in your bed can cause similar symptoms, although some people are more sensitive than others. Although hydration is essential for health, it is advisable to reduce the hydration of the late night. Try not to drink liquids from 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Reduce hydration late at night and try to use your bath before bedtime

Do not eat late at night



Eating late in the evening can negatively affect the quality of sleep and the natural excretion of HGH and melatonin. But you can also play the quality and character of your night snack. In one study, high CARB meals eaten four hours before bedtime helped people fall asleep faster.
Interestingly, studies have shown that a low-carbohydrate diet also sleeps better, suggesting that carbohydrates do not always need-especially if you are using low-carb diets. Eating a large meal before bedtime can lead to poor sleep and hormonal disturbances. However, some meals and snacks are available for a few hours before bedtime.

See your doctor if your sleep problem persists.

If you have trouble falling asleep, night after night, or if you are always tired the next day, it might be a sleep disorder and the doctor should look like. Your family doctor can help you; If not, probably you will find a sleep specialist in their field a large hospital. Most diseases can be treated effectively, so you can finally sleep, you sleep.


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