Martial Arts Can Help to Defend Yourself From Attackers

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martial arts

Martial arts have become an important part of many people’s lives, both adults and children. Parents bring children to school to improve concentration and discipline. Many adult martial arts have adapted to the way of life. The most obvious reason why you should learn martial arts is that you can defend yourself. It can not be denied that there is violence in the world. This happened unexpectedly and no matter who the victim was. Violence can affect us all. It is important to prepare for such events. The training is based on learning how to deal with skills. They not only teach specific techniques but also develop the firmness and endurance necessary to withstand physical changes. This knowledge and conditioning provide different benefits, not just technology.



In the twentieth century, the Japanese were introduced to karate. After the Second World War, Okinawa became one of the most important US military bases and became popular among American soldiers. Since then, this discipline in martial arts has been widespread throughout the world. Recently, it was also announced that he will take part in 2020. Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Karate is the most eye-catching art that uses impacts, strokes, knees and elbows, as well as open-hand techniques such as wrist scars and spear hands. He emphasizes that the doctor’s hands and feet are the main forms of defence, and therefore are one of the most effective self-defence.



This discipline in martial arts focuses on the exercise to effectively defend against a larger opponent, using leverage and appropriate techniques. That is why it is so violent for women and for men. Combining movements expressed in Judo and Japanese Jutsu, the key to this style of struggle is to control the opponent and use his destructive stresses, poses, obstacles and general manipulations.



Since 2000, Taekwondo is an official Olympic sport and is a Korean martial art that includes many martial arts in Korea and some martial arts from neighbouring countries. Some examples include, but are not limited to T’ang-su, Tae Kwon, Judo, Karate and Kung Fu. Currently, taekwondo is one of the most used martial arts in the world, with over 25 million practitioners in 140 countries.

Despite its popularity, Taekwondo is often criticized for less self-defence due to the flash demonstration. This means that most of his practitioners will quickly deny this criticism. One of the reasons is that it focuses more on it than on many other icons of martial arts, in particular on high strikes. This step can be useful in physical combat. If the simulator can train so that his legs are stronger and faster than his hands, he can quickly neutralize the opponent and effectively stop the attack.

Western Boxing

western boxing

Although those who did not know about the chest claim that boxing is not a martial arts discipline, their practices are different. Boxing is much more than a mutual face when someone refuses. Boxing will learn to perform different shooting from different areas and how to effectively block or prevent attacks. In contrast to many other combat disciplines, it also emphasizes that conditioning the body is continuous and organizes the fight. Boxing also helps to raise awareness. This allows boxers to react quickly, make quick decisions and select appropriate combat actions. These are excellent skills that are useful not only on the ring but also on the road.

Krav Maga


This is a simple but very good reason why this IDF self-defence system is called “Living Art” – it works. Although difficult, the technology was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, so it can be easily and easily done. Therefore, movements are usually based on instinct/reflex, so the practitioner is much easier to learn and use during the attack. As a result, almost everyone, regardless of size, strength or condition, can accept it.



“Judo” is known for its unique casts and songs. He emphasizes that the opponent is thrown to the ground or stunned. Part of the Olympic Games since 1964 During the game, Judah’s main goal (judo practice) is to immobilize an opponent or needle, blockade or a weak place on it. Thanks to its effective adhesion, it is often used by MMA hunters. While there are some limitations to the clarity of the methods, it has turned out that the emphasis is on engaging soldiers with partners and partners to help practitioners survive real life effectively.



An interesting art that is instantly recognizable. There are a few notable actions, but it is basically based on the principle that the attacker becomes vulnerable in his defence. If you, the defender, are unable to attack him, you will remain an integral part of the defence. Do not resist his attack. Use it to move. The attacker moves forward and throws a simple squadron. They wander, stretch out their wrists and keep them moving. Do it well and not completely balance it, using your moment when you go out and push your wrist. It is really a very easy step to learn and improve. “Aikido” blooms with blocking zippers that do not require high speed compared to Kote Gaeshi to prevent and interfere with scratches.

Wing Chun


Wing Chun Kung Fu is the art Yip teaches Bruce Lee, and Lee has risen like a too slow and self-defeating self-defence. This is a bit confusing. He claimed that it was not enough to fight professional martial arts experts, such as Wong Jack Man, with whom a major duel took place. Lee invented his version of “Wing Chun”, which due to its flaws became the number 5 “Wing Chun”. Using this method, he defeated Wong in 3 minutes, and almost every other hunter in the world had much more time and suffered more damage. They block the opponent’s attack with one hand and react with the other finger in the chest and the next fist, time after time until you start insulting the attack.

Kick Boxing


Kickboxing is designed for self-defence in the form of impacts, knees and strokes: it quickly dissipates and adapts to all possible openings. If the attacker has a knife or weapon and is within range, he will use a weapon. So the defender has more hands, hands, legs, knees, elbows and head. Just go to the attacker (who has a weapon other than a weapon) and, if possible, extend the front pressure to his chin.

Kickboxing develops through these types of movements and teaches the practitioner to perform such speeds at extreme speeds faster than the attacker can react. It substantially eliminating the risk of false shock. Do it right and you almost always have a chin, you crush your throat, you break your teeth, clog your tongue, etc. After that, you will not fight. This type of punch is so well trained that it can actually be delivered effectively, i.e. Fast and powerful, without telegraph.


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